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There is so much happening all around that bids for your attention. And if you are like most people, too many things are already sapping your attention; from relationship commitments, friends and family engagement, social media, etc.

All of this can have a direct impact on your productivity level and ability to focus especially if you are creative.

Too much activity here and there can cause you to be overwhelmed, which is bad for your productivity.

To stay optimally creative and focused, you need to make out time to connect with your inner inspiration.

Below are some of the major ways you can achieve this:


Praying is an effective way to get away from the distractions around and focus on communicating with your creator. If you are human, there is a lot you have to deal with already. This is a good time to let go and experience communion with divinity. The beauty of praying is spending time listening for your inner man to receive (ideas, visions’ etc).


This is basically shutting yourself from external influences and focusing your mind on one thing. This is very helpful to stay calm and reduce mind clutter.


Finding time to organize and shape your thoughts and ideas is critical to living a successful life. This helps improve your decision making and problem-solving abilities. Thinking (not worrying) will help you stay in control and not act on auto-pilot.


This is a good way to capture and record your thoughts, emotions, and activity. This way you are spending a lot more time getting to know yourself on a deeper level.


For the creatives, this is basically engaging creativity. This could be writing, singing, painting, drawing, reading or whatever means you unleash your genius.

You can also engage in outdoor activities like taking a walk, swimming, your favorite sport. etc.

I hope you find this helpful. What other means do you engage to unwind and stay focused?



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John Gbagbeke

Digital marketer and content marketing strategist. Writer on marketing, personal development and business. Reach me at johngbagbeke@gmail.com